Gary Huggins
Gary Huggins has worked in hospitality for many years, the last nine years has been on Stewart Island operating his own business Church Hill Restaurant, catering for clients from all around the world & all walks of life, including heads of government.  Over the last year Gary has taken Church Hill Restaurant & Stewart Island to the mainland, taking some of his food to the market place for all to enjoy, Church Hill Stewart Island Salmon is now highly sought after.

Gary specialises in teaching intuative cooking & embracing the art of hospitality, relaxing & enjoying the whole dining experience either in a restaurant or your own home.  Gary is very passionate about enjoying the process of growing, buying & eating food, creating magic from whatever you have available to you from the pantry, garden or farmers market.

Watch video of Gary making the recipe below at Ohoka Farmers' Market, or check out the blog post with pictures.

Gary Huggins’ Hot Smoked Salmon over mash
Click here for a printable PDF of this recipe

  • Agria potatoes, peeled, cubed & boiled until tender
  • chopped garlic
  • parsley, finely chopped
  • thinly sliced/chopped red onion
  • cream cheese or butter
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • savoury lemon sauce (Charity jams chutneys & relishes)
  • Hot smoked salmon fillet portion (Stewart Island Salmon), warmed in a pan brushed with olive oil
Mash up everything except the lemon sauce and salmon. Sit the salmon on top and drizzle the sauce around everything.
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