Useful Tips!

Tips for getting the best from fresh produce sales
Get produce out of tubs and boxes.
  • Display fruit and veggies in baskets or some other container made of light-colored, natural material.
  • Line them with fabric or plastic to keep your fruits and veggies free of bruises.
  • Display all produce and food products at least six inches off the ground. Ideally use raised display units so that product is easily seen.

Create the illusion of bounty.
  • Keep things heaped up.
  • Tilt containers forward so that all of the produce is visible, even from a distance.
  • Pile up produce so that it fills the space that it is in and looks abundant.
  • Use a smaller container/basket if you only have a small amount of an item.
  • Have produce artfully “spill over” from containers—the “waterfall effect”.
  • Consolidate items as they are sold to give the appearance of abundance, even when there is not abundance.

Freshen Up.
  • Mist your broccoli, lettuce + other leafy greens with a spray bottle throughout the day to keep them looking fresh.

Grab Your Customer's Attention.
  • Display something eye-catching near your produce. Putting something unusual at your produce display - a huge pumpkin, for example, gives customers something to talk about, attract people to your produce area, or makes people slow down when passing your stall.
  • Give out samples for customers to taste.
  • Have a ‘special’ every week. Make a ‘weekly or daily special’ sign that can be seen some distance from your stall or make it stand out in a shop.  Ideally when someone comes through the door.
  • Offer a reward scheme – have a card – when people have spent a certain amount they get something for free or a discount off their next purchase.

Keep your display neat, organised and accessible.
  • Make your items easily accessible to all people, including the physically challenged.
  • Items should not be placed higher than eye level.
  • Show names of food items and prices accurately, all the time indicating clearly and legibly the unit price.
  • Signs are best placed above and behind a vegetable
  • Laminate your sign so you can change prices
  • Include product variety name.
  • Customers will buy more if items are easy to pick up.

Display items that go well together visually and are commonly used together in recipes.
  • For example, complementary colors like tomatoes + basil

Get your customers excited about new items.
  • The week before trying out a new item, place a sign that says “Coming Next Week: (Name of Fruit , Veggie Here or product)!”

Have tips on how to cook or use a product.
  • Suggestions for healthy shopping on a budget.
  • Free recipe cards