Best Brunch Diary

Bestest Bacon Butty in the Bay

Feeling like simplifying things today, the sound of a good old bacon butty felt like the right way to approach my next Best Brunch experience, so what better way than to try The Westshore Beach Inn's “ Bestest Bacon Butty in Bay”.

With a whopping, minimum 120grams of middle, shoulder “and” streaky Holly bacon all “ trapped” in a soft Molto Brioche bun, its fair to say that I didn’t leave hungry! Granted, I was also given their “ Works” bacon butty with smoked mushrooms and a runny fried egg to a try as a comparison ( as in my line of work its best for me to research things from all angles right?  Well that’s my excuse anyway )

So, with two whopping bacon butties in front of me, it was time to dig in. Now I don’t know about you but I love it when the middle of the bacon is still slightly soft yet the fat has almost rendered and crackled,bringing that satisfyingly salty crunch that bacon is so well known for.

That salty crunch teamed with the slightly sweet Molto Brioche paired beautifully, and with the addition of fried mushrooms and a runny organic egg to one, as the yolk ran down my hands and soaked into the soft brioche it just made this experience all the more wholesome and real, there was no correct way to eat these beauties other than to grab it with both hands and dig right in.