Becoming a stallholder

The definition of an authentic Farmers’ Market in accordance to FMNZ is:

A food market with focus on fresh, primary produce (70 %) and a variety of Artisan and ready-to-eat foods (30%).

This food is produced within a defined local area (Northland region)

The vendor must be directly involved in the growing or production process of the food (e.g. no middle men, on-sellers, wholesalers, retailers, etc... )

If you are interested in becoming a stallholder
please fill in a Stallholder Application form for the committee to process.

Please note that the following produce is currently not sought:
tomatoes, beans, capsicums, courgettes, cucumbers and sweetcorn (this list can change at any time)

Please note the following requirements for Artisan and ready-to-eat food applications:

If you are applying in this category, our authenticity requires you to use as much as possible Northland based ingredients in your product . We only have a limited amount of space for this category, so please note that you may be referred to a waiting list until a space becomes available.

The Bay of Islands Farmers' Market is run by the Bay of Islands Food Group Incorporated whose Executive Committee is elected from members who are market stallholders.

The Bay of Islands Food Group, Inc is a member of Farmers' Markets New Zealand, Inc