Cressy Farm Pork
Premium quality free-farmed pork

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Spencer & Jacqui Johnstone (Owners)
03-385 3644,
Euro Deli Meats / Cressy Farm -Highly commended 2012

Euro Deli Meats /  Cressy Farm can be found at the
Oxford Farmers' Market   Website: Click Here
Christchurch Farmers' Market   Website: Click Here

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Judges Jonny Schwass, Nadia Lim and Julie Biuso have chosen the best tasting products from farmhouse meats, artisan smallgoods, crisp vegetables and fruits and tempting sweetreat's that truly define the success and growth of Farmers' Markets in the past decade

Our judges said...Good story, great traceability, beautfil creamy pork rack and great sausages

Love the names, snags were sweet and small, needs no improvement, snags are a winner and the pork rack had great crackling and very tender and flavorsome

Love the packing, clean, clear - sausage, real strong flavor - pork was rich, great crackle and flavorsome - something that is missing in so much other pork - great products

Accolades: Winner, tastiest food producer on the paddock 2011

Available at Christchurch Farmers Market Click Here
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Cressy Farm pork, dry-cured bacon, sausages and other pork products are high quality, all gluten-free, and guaranteed to be sourced from the free-farmed pigs that we have grown ourselves in Canterbury, a little west of Christchurch.

1.      What made you start your business?
We started pig farming 17 years ago as we had a lifestyle block and Spencer wanted a change of career. Pigs seemed to be the only opportunity for the small amount of land that we had. After a huge amount of learning and many years of ups and downs, the pig industry by the summer of 2007/08 was at a low. After seeing pork bones at the supermarket at more than twice the per kg price that we got for a whole carcass, we decided that someone was making money and it certainly wasn’t the farmers. So the idea came to try selling our pork at a Farmers Market so we could get a little of that cut. That started in February 2008. It was supposed to be just until pig prices returned to a healthier state but we got hooked. A year ago we bought our butcher’s shop, Euro Deli Meats, so we now control the whole process through to the ready to cook product.

2.      What are the key principles and philosophy of your business? 
Our goal is to provide the best quality fresh pork and smallgoods. Our philosophy is for an enjoyable eating experience every time. We are proud of our farming system – low stress and high health. We also take care to ensure that our grower pigs are not fed anything that could taint the meat. They therefore get a special diet that ensures a clean, delicious pork flavour.

3.      What is your favourite way to eat your product, or favourite recipe that uses your product? 
Our favourite pork meal is a simple shoulder roast, on-the-bone or rolled boneless, cooked on a bed of onions which are then used to make a tasty gravy. And then there’s crackling...

4.      What is the most interesting thing a customer has done with your product that you know of? 
One customer got to the last cut of the first masterchef with a triple cooked belly.

5.      Why do you like selling at farmers markets? 
The market gets us off the farm, and we enjoy meeting new people and talking to customers. We learn new ideas for cooking pork from our customers which we can then share with others. The camaraderie with other stallholders is also part of the fun of the day. It’s been an exciting process, a real venture into the unknown. The market has led us to supplying restaurants, dealing with different butchers and then to buying our own butchery. The whole process has been one of evolution – none of it was planned!
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